Jean-François Légaré

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Jean-François Légaré has worked as a contemporary dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and dance instructor. His interest for the art of gardening began when he was transforming his woodlot into his version of a ‘veritable oasis of peace.’ Creating this oasis revealed his deep interest in starting a career in landscape architecture. The process that led to him giving up his dance career was not easy. He had to rigorously explore his career options. Jean-François called on the services of a guidance counsellor recommended by the DTRC.
Since then, his commitment to the landscape architecture field has only grown. One of his professors expressed that “Jean-François was able to brilliantly use his dance experience in the landscaping creative method. He reflects the spirit of one of the most renowned landscape architects, Lawrence Halprin, whose project sequences are inspired by a dance creation process.”
One of Jean-François’ long-term objectives is to combine landscaping, culture and social issues. He is now mid-way through his Masters training program.

-I am now convinced that my career choice is a success, and I am enthusiastic about the path leading to my new life.