Special Awards

when funding is available


  1. In years when they are awarded, the deadline is July 3rd.

Special Awards are competitive and discretionary and are awarded by the DTRC Board of Directors only when financially feasible.


  • Varies

About The Grants

Special Awards acknowledge academic excellence and financial need and are intended to help dancers pursue a second or subsequent year of full-time study after completing an FTS-I Grant. Awards are named in honour of generous DTRC patrons, supporters and friends.

Learn how you can support a dancer’s transition by creating a named award in your name, or in the name of another person/group/or company.


  1. MUST have completed one full year of retraining under an FTS-I Grant

  2. Excellence in the chosen course of study as shown by reports from the applicant’s school or apprenticeship
  3. Demonstrated financial need
  4. Duration of performing career


  • Varies

Application Process

  1. Eligible dancers are contacted by the DTRC in advance of the deadline and invited to apply.

PLEASE NOTE : The following awards may be given in part, totally, or not at all, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Exemptions may be made if the member must cease their professional dance career for medical reasons.

Special Awards Inquiry Form

Please Note: Submissions and Questions are received by membership@dtrc.ca.


Peter F Bronfman
Memorial Award

Established to honour the late Peter F. Bronfman whose influence, wisdom and generosity were integral to the development and ongoing work of the DTRC. It is earmarked for a second or third year of retraining and subsistence.


$22,000 for tuition and supplies.

Amanda Hancox

The Fund will be held in perpetuity, serving generations of dancers. The Fund will be invested by the Organization, and the annual income used to provide a scholarship award in honour of Amanda Hancox, former Executive Director of the Organization.


The scholarship will be used to meet the tuition and living expenses for a dancer studying for a second career for a minimum period of one (1) Year up to a maximum of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00).

Anne M. Delicaet Bursary

Generously donated by long-time and hardworking Board member, Anne Delicaet, the award is given to help fund tuition, books, and/or supplies for the applicant in their second or third year of full-time retraining/grants received from the DTRC.

Erik Bruhn Memorial Award

Established to honour the late Erik Bruhn, whose support and understanding of the issues of transition were integral to the founding of the DTRC. Awarded to a dancer in transition who requires a second year to either complete or continue a proposed course of study.

David Pitblado Memorial Award

Established by Sandra and Jim Pitblado to honour the memory of their son David who made an important contribution to the world of dance through his work as Board Chair of Toronto Dance Theatre and through his financial support of their creative work. This bursary is available to a former modern dance artist who requires a second year to either complete or continue a proposed course of study.

Zella Wolofsky / Doug Wright Bursary

Generously donated by Zella Wolofsky and Doug Wright two long-time supporters of the DTRC. Zella was involved with the DTRC in many capacities, as a member, a career counsellor, former Board Secretary and Vice-Chair. To be awarded to a dancer with a degree from a recognized university anywhere in the world and who is in a second or subsequent year of a professional program or, doing graduate studies or a second degree.

Karen Kain Award

Established to honour the invaluable and creative contribution of Karen Kain, founding President and now Chair of the Advisory Council of the DTRC. Given to a dancer entering a second or subsequent year of full-time retraining.

Lynda Hamilton Award

Established as a tribute to the tireless, invaluable, and ongoing dedication of founding Board member, and former Board Chair of the DTRC, Lynda Hamilton. It is a special grant awarded annually to a dancer in transition who has completed two years of study and requires a third to complete or continue the proposed course of study.

Dr. Stanley E. Greben Award

Established to honour Dr. Stanley E. Greben, founding Vice-President of the DTRC Board, for his inestimable contribution to the organization. Awarded to a dancer for a second or subsequent year of full-time study in a health related field.