the need for structure for transitioning dancers

Joysanne Sidimus

Founder – Joysanne Sidimus

When DTRC Founder Joysanne Sidimus began researching her book Exchanges: Life After Dance, no structure existed in North America to deal with the near crisis issue of transition after a career in professional dance performance.

But, by 1983, two government-commissioned reports established a pressing need for Canadian transition support services that would respond to the needs of the professional dance community over time.

Leading the DTRC

After nine months of joint research with the Dance In Canada Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Dance Organizations, the Dancer Transition Centre (later renamed Dancer Transition Resource Centre), was incorporated on March 20th, 1985 and opened on September 1st of that yearwith Joysanne as Executive Director and Karen Kain as President..

Joysanne Sidimus led the DTRC until her retirement in 2005, when former professional dancer and actress Amanda Hancox took the helm. Amanda retired in 2019.

Joysanne Sidimus and Amanda Hancox

Karen Kain

Commitment to Dancers

Founded in 1985, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) is a national, charitable organization dedicated to helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers.

We also operate as a resource centre for the dance community and general public and support activities that improve the socioeconomic conditions of artists across the country.

As a world leader in dancer transition, we are active participants in international conferences and research initiatives and help drive change within the dance community.