Skills Grants

Mentorship opportunities are also welcome, please use the pdf application form.
All others Skills Grants opportunities please use the online form below.


  1. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.
  2. There are no specific application deadlines for skills grants.
  3. Refer to the Grant Application Guidelines for details.


  • Maximum of $1,500 per member throughout the duration of their membership.

About The Grant

Skills Grants help dancers develop skills readily transferable to any profession.


Available to all members in good standing.


  • Maximum of $1,500 per member throughout the duration of their membership.

Application Process

  1. Members wishing to apply for a Skills Grant must fill out the Skills Grant Application Form (below), or for a Mentorship, please use the pdf link (below) and submit it to
  2. Applications must be received and approved before the start date of the course.
  3. Courses cannot be paid for retroactively. Please refer to Grant Payments & Reimbursements for funding details.

Eligible Courses

  • Courses to develop skills, which are transferable to any field, such as (but not limited to)
    • second language training,
    • computer-related courses,
    • driving lessons,
    • first aid/CPR training,
    • business and entrepreneurial studies,
    • and prerequisite courses for university or college admission.
    • You may now apply for support for professional development in your already established parallel career.

Skills grants cannot be used for dance training or performance-based professional development.

Grant Payments and Reimbursements

Skills, Career Exploration and Retraining Grants

Once your grant has been approved, you may receive your funding or reimbursement in one of two ways:

1. Submit receipts for reimbursement

Receipts must clearly indicate what they are for and that the amount being requested has been paid in full. Along with your receipts, please submit a note which summarizes the enclosed receipts, states the amount expected to be reimbursed and confirms your current mailing address.

Please submit to Kasia Hannah at membership@dtrca.

2. Have your training institution invoice the DTRC directly

If you would like the DTRC to pay your institution directly, they must invoice us.
A sponsorship letter can be provided to the institution upon request.

Skills Grant Online Application Form

Members are required to complete the Online Application Form below.

Click here to download the Mentorship application form: Skills-grant-mentorship-form.pdf

Please Note: Submissions and questions are received by


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