Join us virtually to participate in collective healing through movement and breathwork.

Time: Begins late May – Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30 PM ET

Members are ideally required to attend all 6 sessions.

Sessions will start once a minimum of 5 people sign up!

*Dates and Times subject to change

Designed for IBPOC dancers, this mindfulness group is a series of movement and mindfulness-based sessions where the correlation between movement and emotion is touched upon.

The use of movement and mindfulness in the sessions will promote emotional, intellectual, physical and soulful/spiritual integration as a means to decolonize healing and improve well-being.

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For IBPOC Dancers



Nylda Gallardo-Lopez – Choreographer & Dancer

Lady Noyz is hip-hop. As Toronto’s first lady of the dance floor for more than 2 decades, Nylda  Gallardo Lopez; aka Lady Noyz, has personified the essence of her art, its beauty, its resilience, its revolution, and its ability to uplift. Never having been formally trained as a dancer, Nylda snubbed the odds of a vastly hetero male-dominated field and has cemented herself as a leader and an icon in her community.
Lady Noyz fiercely prides herself on a skill set that is self-taught and passed on by her elders in the Hip Hop, Afro-Latinx, and South American Indigenous roots. Over the years Nylda has continued to raise her profile through countless community-based initiatives including Harbourfront Centre, Royal Conservatory of Music; Learning through the arts program, the TDSB, and Toronto Community Housing Projects. Nylda has also directed the choreography,  public relations, and event coordination of innumerable professional dance troops, shows, workshops, video appearances, corporate partnerships, and youth programs throughout the Americas. While Nylda’s main focus and inspiration over the last 22 years was rooted in being a single mother to her child, she used that as her driving force to implement her anti-oppressive, anti-racist, body-positive framework in dance and social work all over Toronto.