Retraining Grants

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(Member Service)

Retraining Grants help members pursue studies leading to parallel or second careers.
They may be used towards the costs of tuition, books, course supplies and travel (if necessitated by the course).

Through DTRC Retraining Grants, dancers have entered careers as diverse as osteopathy, education, horticulture, dance notation, woodworking, film, veterinary technology, translation, library and information technology, medicine and psychology.

The DTRC also offers Subsistence Grants, which may be used to cover basic living costs while in full-time retraining. If the dancer is eligible, he or she can choose to apply for both grants at the same time.


1. A minimum of 6 years of professional performance, 4 of which were spent in Canada and at least 28 years of age  OR  A minimum of 8 years of professional performance, 4 of which were spent in Canada and no age restriction
2. Fully paid member in good standing for at least 5 consecutive years
3. Must have danced a minimum of 36 months during the six year minimum period

Exemptions may be made if the member must cease their professional dance career for medical reasons


Maximum of $6,000 per member throughout the duration of their membership.

Eligible Costs

Tuition, books, supplies and travel (if necessitated by course).

Application Process

Members wishing to apply for a Retraining Grant must notify the DTRC of their intention well in advance of the application deadline. Members are required to complete and submit the Retraining Grant Application Form.  Once the application has been approved, members can request reimbursement for the costs of the course(s)/supplies. Please refer to the Grant Payments & Reimbursements page for more information. Courses cannot be paid for retroactively.


October 1st, February 1st and June 1st

Grant Application Guidelines

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