*IMPORTANT – Your gift will be matched by a long-time, major donor, up to $40,000, DOUBLING YOUR IMPACT*

Our dancers urgently need your help. As they continue to navigate through major setbacks brought on by the pandemic, DTRC has been well-positioned to provide support as it already has the appropriate programming in place to help them get through this crisis we need to increase the foundation of our core support to meet the additional demand!

In the wake of the current crisis, so far this year the DTRC has:

Our team is also anticipating a drastic spike in counselling services accessed for the year.  In comparison to last year, our rooster of counsellors will assist well over 500 members across the country.  

The impact in the broader arts community has also be profound. The Canadian Association for the Performing Arts recently reported that employment in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector in February 2021 was 36.8% lower than in February 2020.  This is a much larger loss than any other sector of the Canadian economy.

In a recent member’s survey conducted by Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA), Arts & Culture sector organizations have seen over $900 million of lost revenue since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.  Even more revealing are the following statistics shared from the same survey:

With these figures in mind, our team is anticipating double the amount of application intakes by the end of August.  Our final quarter of funding will likely amount to over $125,000 in urgent assistance for dancers in all stages of their careers.

Today we ask you to consider an additional donation to the DTRC.  Your contribution will help us sustain the upcoming surge of professional training requests that we anticipate in the final quarter of our fiscal year.  


1. Urgent Relief to Members
Directly impact funds assigned as part of our retraining and subsistence programs as well as smaller skill development grants that allow dancers to quickly gain business expertise in other professions so they can weather the current “storm”. Retraining and subsistence grants provide larger amounts of money that help to subsidize both tuition and living expenses.

2. Core Programming Support
Directly impact funds assigned towards counselling services and workshops on topics such as mental health, financial wellness and the basics of the transition process (among others) offered to our members who are grappling with a radical shift in their careers.

We need your support to continue building this resiliency in our members – and we know we can do it together!

*IMPORTANT - Your gift will be matched by a long-time, major donor, up to $40,000, DOUBLING YOUR IMPACT*

~ The DTRC Team

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