Dance is one of the most demanding professions, physically, emotionally and financially. 

The Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) works with professional dancers on an individual basis, providing compassionate support and practical services to address all stages of the career.

Dancers are better able to reach their potential while performing; prepare in advance for life after dance; and pursue meaningful and fulfilling second careers when a life on stage is no longer possible.

Member Services

DTRC operates as a membership-based organization. Hundreds of professional dancers across Canada are members of the DTRC and have access to:

  • Professional Counselling – academic, career, financial, legal, personal
  • Grants & Awards – to develop transferable skills, explore second career options, and retrain for parallel or second careers
  • Online Job Board
  • Online Member/Alumni Network
  • Mentoring/Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Services for All Dancers (see below)


Services for All Dancers

The DTRC also operates as a resource centre for the dance community, providing:



Services for the Public

As a world leader in the field of transition, the DTRC is often consulted on needs and trends within the dance community and invited to speak at conferences, events and workshops focused on transition.




Helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers since 1985.