Full-Time Study Subsistence Grant - II

"The funding towards my tuition fees provided me with the support I needed and gave me a new abundance of energy." - Sonya Stephan


(Member Service)

Subsistence funding is available to cover basic living costs while members are in full-time retraining programs. The Full-Time Study Subsistence Grant - II (FTS-II) was created for dancers who will be continuing to perform at the end of their retraining program. 


1. A minimum of 10 years of professional performance, 5 of which were spent in Canada
2. At least 30 years of age
3. Fully paid member in good standing for at least 5 consecutive years
4. Must have performed a minimum of 60 months during the ten year minimum period

Exemptions may be made if the member must cease their professional dance career for medical reasons


Up to $7,500 (at $1,250 per month) during full-time retraining while still performing. The grant must be completed within a consecutive six year period.

Eligible Expenses

The monthly subsistence amount is to cover basic living costs.

Application Process

Members wishing to apply for an FTS-II Grant must notify the DTRC of their intention in advance of the application deadline. Members are required to complete and submit the FTS-II Application Form.


October 1st,  February 1st and June 1st


Members receiving an FTS-II Grant are NOT required to sign agreement of permanent retirement.

Grant Application Guidelines

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