Founder’s Award

(Member Service)

Many dancers are physically and mentally exhausted by the time they retire. Their careers have been intense, highly disciplined and have provided little time for rest and renewal. The Founder’s Award was established to provide a dancer with some “breathing space” -- the opportunity to step back, reflect and determine how to fulfill their passions in their second career.  The award is named in honour of Joysanne Sidimus, Founder and former Executive Director of the DTRC, and acknowledges her profound understanding of the lives of professional dancers and the issues involved in retiring from a professional performance career.

The Founder's Award is a discretionary and competitive award.
It is given every two years, when financially feasible.


The award is intended to be preparatory to an FTS-I Grant and is open to DTRC members who meet the FTS-I eligibility criteria. It is understood that the member receiving the award will be applying for a FTS-I Grant after completing this award.  Please be aware that members receiving an FTS-I Grant  are required to sign agreement of permanent retirement.

1. A minimum of 10 years of professional performance, 5 of which were spent in Canada
2. At least 28 years of age
3. Fully paid member in good standing for at least 5 consecutive years prior to applying for grant
4. Must have danced a minimum of 60 months during the 10 year minimum period


$20,000 to cover a period of reflection of between 6-12 months.


August 3rd, 2020

Bi-Annual Award

Application Process

Members wishing to apply for the Founder’s Award must notify the DTRC of their intention in advance of the application deadline. Members are required to complete and submit the Founder’s Award Application Form.

Valleyview Artist Retreat

DTRC patron Lynda Hamilton has generously offered the Founder’s Award recipient the use of the Valleyview Artist Retreat for one week.

Situated just north-west to Toronto in the Hills of Caledon, the retreat is in a secluded rural setting and offers an environment conducive to inspiration and rejuvenation.

The week may be taken between April – October. Please note that this opportunity does not include transportation to the retreat. As well, the offer is not transferable and has no cash value. If the Founder’s Award recipient does not take advantage of the retreat in the year offered, no alternative is provided. Full details will be provided to the recipient on announcement of the award. 


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