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Referrals Available for All Dancers)

Moving to a new city, starting a family, establishing a company, going back to school -  these are just some of the many transitions dancers may make throughout their dance careers. Our counselling program provides practical guidance, and emotional and psychological support to dancers in transition.  Dancers are matched with counsellors who have extensive experience working with performing artists, and who understand that each dancer’s transition is a unique and individual process.  

Types of Counselling Offered

Counselling is offered in 5 areas: academic, career, financial, legal and personal.
Dancers meet with counsellors on a one-to-one basis and all counselling sessions are confidential.
The types of counselling offered in each geographic region may vary. Contact your regional office or representative to learn about the counselling available in your region.


Academic advisors can discuss education options, pre-requisite courses and funding sources; the logistics involved in starting or completing an educational program; etc.

Career counsellors can help dancers explore their skills, abilities, values and interests; identify career options within and outside the dance profession; create an effective career plan; build job-search and interview skills; etc.

Financial advisors can discuss how to manage money, create budgets, save for the future, etc.  
Referrals to financial advisors are for consulting and advising purposes only. Any additional services will not be covered by the DTRC.

Legal counsellors on our roster can provide information and advice on a variety of legal matters. 
Referrals to legal advisors are for consulting and advising purposes only.
Any additional services will not be given by the legal advisor or covered by the DTRC.

Personal counsellors – including psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists – can help dancers address personal concerns and resolve issues that may be impacting their careers.


Any dancer seeking counselling may contact the DTRC for a referral.
Dancers who are also DTRC members may access up to 20 hour-long sessions throughout the duration of their membership.  To be eligible for funding, members must contact the DTRC before seeing a counsellor.  After members have talked about their request with the DTRC, they will be matched with an appropriate counsellor from the DTRC’s roster.

Meet One of Our Counsellors

More than 70 professional counsellors across the country are actively involved with the DTRC.  We select counsellors who are highly respected in their field and have extensive experience working with artists. 

Dr. Madeleine Hallé, Performance and Personal Psychologist (Quebec)

Madeleine Hallé is a performance and sports psychologist with Cirque de Soleil.  Madeleine has more than twenty years experience in her field, and extensive graduate training in psychology and kinetics, including a doctorate in sports psychology.  Madeleine brings incredible wisdom and compassion to her work as a DTRC personal counsellor, helping members address any number of challenges within their personal and professional lives.


Interview with Sally Halliday

DTRC Counsellor Sally Halliday, MA, RCC, CCC, recently answered some of our questions about why she's passionate about working with dancers. Read the full interview.


Helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers since 1985.