Introducing your *keep on MOVING* presenters

Posted on: 2011/03/14

keep on MOVING  is a *free* one-day conference created to address the specific needs of emerging dance artists.  With input from your fellow emerging dancers we have designed a day brimming with information to help you find work, find money, promote yourself and propel your career.

As we approach the conference, we would like to give you the chance to get to know your presenters, panellists and experts.  We know that you've got questions - and they've got answers!

Ross Manson, AD of Volcano Theatre, has a spectacular track record in connecting the idea/project/passion with the people who it will inspire.  Learn about collaborations, partnerships, sponsors, funders, and more.  He'll host small group discussions on the art of fundraising and making fruitful connections.

Ross Manson is an award-winning director, an actor, a translator, and the founding artistic director of Volcano, an internationally acclaimed theatre company based in Toronto. Volcano is a small, concept-driven, independent company characterized by formal experimentation, risk-taking and multi-disciplinarity. Over the past 15 years, Ross has directed twenty shows for Volcano, which have toured around the world, and won or been nominated for over fifty local, national and international awards. Recent shows include Goodness, The Four Horsemen Project, and The Africa Trilogy. In the past year, Ross was shortlisted for the Toronto Arts Council Foundation Cultural Leadership award, the Ontario Premiere's Award for Excellence in the Arts, and the national Siminovitch Prize for Directing.

Get answers, information and inspiration at keep on MOVING this March 20th at Canada's National Ballet School, Currie Hall, Toronto.  Visit our Website  for more information and to register.  Don’t forget to share this fantastic opportunity with your friends!


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