Stories and Testimonials


Frédéric Marier - Supply Chain Management

I think there is a link in how I process information, be it a choreographic system, mathematical system or even computer system.



Darren Bonin - Wood Craftsman

With the help of jointers, planers, files and table saws – Darren Bonin is building a new career with his own two hands.



Brenda Little - Graphic Designer

Throughout my dance career, the message was loud and clear: 'cherish this time, because it will all be over before you know it. Think now about what you'd like to do after dance...'



Jennifer Kropac - Teacher and Research Assistant

I am grateful that teaching has brought an equal sense of accomplishment to what I felt onstage, and am motivated by the knowledge that my impact on my young audiences may be far greater, with the potential to inspire dreams in the next generation.



Karen Andrew - entrepreneur, teacher, and performer

My career as an artist has had multiple twist and turns, and I am acutely aware of the positive role my love of dance has played at each one.


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