25 Transitions Souvenir Book


Cover photo by Johan Persson
Book designed by Brenda Little

The transitions inherent to a professional performance career are many, and as unique and diverse as the dancers themselves.  Venturing into unknown waters takes courage; however, with the passion, creativity and dedication that personify a professional dancer these artists have leapt to the challenge.

And so, in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have invited 25 DTRC members and alumni, at various stages in their careers, to speak in their own words.  We hope that you find their stories of transformation and growth as insightful and inspiring as we have.

Read the Foreward by Michael Crabb


Danielle Gardner
- Emerging Artist
Samantha-Jane Gray - Emerging Artist

Karen Andrew - Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Performer

Noam Gagnon - Artistic Director and Entrepreneur
Mistaya Hemingway - Student of Urban Planning

Mary-Louise Albert - Artistic Managing Director

Paul Anthony Chambers - Arts Administration

Robert Conn - Artistic Director

Ainslie Cyopik - Dancewear clothing designer

AnneBruce Falconer - Organic Farmer

Leslie Fields - Director of Development

Patricia Gelinas - Marketing and International Business

Pamela Grundy - Development Co-ordinator

Thomas K. Hafford - Physician

Jennifer Kropac - Teacher and Research Assistant

Martine Lamy - Ballet Teacher

Kevin Law - Director of Trading

Brenda Little - Graphic Designer

Dion McArthur - Social Worker

Moira Merrithew -  P
Blair Neufeld - Social Work and Counselling

Johan Persson - Photographer

David Pressault - Jungian Analyst

Erin Richardson
- Veterinary Technician
Sonya Stefan - Filmmaker

Bonus (not in printed version)
Marie Josée Danbrook (Dubois) - E-commerce Solutions Developer


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