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Parise Mongrain

Director of Quebec Office
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After graduating from the arts program (dance concentration) at Collège Montmorency, and later LADMMI (now École de danse contemporaine de Montréal), Parise Mongrain worked as a professional dancer in Montreal for more than 14 years. Now she is committed to defending the interests of dancers.

In 1999, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Union des artistes (UDA) to represent dancers. She acted as Board Secretary for Caisse de sécurité des artistes (CSA) from 2001 to 2003, before being named, in April 2003, the General Secretary of UDA – a post she held until April 2011. Her support for UDA earned her honorary status as a lifetime member of the organization.

In September 2002, she joined the fabulous team at the Dancer Transition Resource Centre to coordinate the opening of the Montreal office which she now oversees.

Parise sits on the Board of a number of organizations. Presently, she is a Board Member for the Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel and The Hnatyshyn Foundation. In December 2013, she graduated with a DESS in the Management of Cultural Organizations at HEC Montréal and is currently pursuing a Masters in Industrial Relations at the University of Montréal.