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Kasia Hannah

Director of Member Services
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Born and raised in a Saskatchewan dance family, Kasia is one of many dancers to have been influenced by the late great Doris Sitter. She moved east to Toronto to attend the Commercial Dance Program at George Brown College. Upon graduation, Kasia was active in Toronto’s commercial dance industry and began her training in Ballroom and Latin Dance.  She crossed paths with choreographer/performer Pastel Supernova and joined her company, Love Letters Cabaret. As an original cast member, Kasia’s role grew to include rehearsal mistress, stage manager, and producer titles. The two collaborated over 5 years with an amazing team to create entertainment including, short films, fringe festivals, and international burlesque competitions.

While teaching partner dancing and burlesque, Kasia connected the many emotional needs of her students through music and movement. This prompted a grass roots approach to understanding the therapy behind movement and dance, specifically relating to burlesque and partner dancing. She regularly sought out non-conforming spaces to teach and offered movement to anyone who was interested. “Dancing in the Park” was born in 2012 and offered access to partner dancing and its connective possibilities in public parks across Toronto. “Ballroom to Burlesque” was next and looked at the silent communication we transmit to each other through touch in our partnerships and empowering women to gain more access to their sensuality and self love. Kasia completed a diploma in Community work during her own dance transition with ambitions of being active in the Canadian dance community. During her studies Kasia secured a placement with Toronto’s Dancing with Parkinson’s group. Working closely with Sarah Robichaud (founder) she realized how far dance can reach to change peoples lives. 

Basing her approach from an anti-oppressive frame work, Kasia strives to create an open and inclusive space for all members to access the valuable services available to them at the DTRC. She supports all genres of dance and is interested in hearing more voices from the stigmatized dance communities, ensuring all dancers have accessibility to a stable future.  

Kasia is excited to join the Dancer Transition Resource Center Team as the new Director of Member Services. She has always believed in “Dancing through life” and she is truly grateful that she gets to live it!