Alumni Services

keeping in touch

Who are Alumni

Since our inception, the DTRC has helped thousands of dancers make transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers.

Dancers who have completed a retraining program through the DTRC are considered alumni, and can be found in a wide range of second careers in Canada and abroad.

As doctors, journalists, teachers, entrepreneurs and more, they continue to bring the dancer’s passion, dedication and artistry to all that they do.

DTRC Alumni Society – Stay Involved & Connected

If you are a DTRC alumnus/ alumna, you can stay connected by joining the DTRC Alumni Society.


  • Use the DTRC’s new job board to post or apply for part-time and full-time job opportunities
  • Keep in touch with other alumni, DTRC members, and the dance community
  • Offer feedback on DTRC programming
  • Provide job shadowing and mentoring opportunities for current members
  • Share stories and take part in reunions
  • Act as a DTRC ambassador and support our fundraising activity