Board and Councils


Board Secretary Jill Humphries, Board Chair Garry Neil, Executive Director Amanda Hancox and Board Vice-Chair Janice May


The DTRC is governed by three groups, each possessing unique skills and perspectives.

The Board of Directors is made up of distinguished professionals from within and outside the dance community, and provides ongoing leadership and strategic direction.
The Advisory Council is comprised of a wide range of business and community leaders who are available to act as resources or consultants on an as-needed basis.

The Artistic Resource Committee is comprised of a number of artistic directors and dance community leaders and provides information on the dance milieu and feedback on DTRC services.

Board of Directors

Garry Neil

Janice May

Linda Mezon, FCPA, FCA

Jill Humphries, Ph.D

Santa Aloi
Betsy Carson
Paul Chambers
Anne Delicaet
Patricia Fraser
Brent Lott

Monique Rabideau
Wendy Reid
Louise Smith
Walter Wittich

Advisory Council

Karen Kain, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt., O.Ont.

Jocelyn Allen
David Banks
Avie Bennett, C.C., O.Ont.
Clive Chamberlain, M.D.

Arthur B. C. Drache, C.M., Q.C., LL.M.
Lynda Hamilton
Vanessa Harwood, O.C.
Jeanne E. Lougheed
Jerry Lozinski
The Honourable
     Flora MacDonald,  P.C., C.C.,
Elise Orenstein, LL.B.

William Poole
Lynda Prince
Wendy Reiser, M.D.
Graham Savage
Gerald W. Schwartz, O.C.
Grant Strate, C.M., LL.B.

Artistic Resource Committee

Vicki Adams Willis
Carol Anderson
Reid Anderson
Annette av Paul
Anik Bissonnette
Peter Boneham, C.M.
Kathy Casey
Marie Chouinard, O.C.
David Earle, C.M.
Paul-André Fortier

Jean Grand-Maître
Danny Grossman
Christopher House
Bengt Jörgen
David LaHay
Ginette Laurin
André Lewis
Edouard Lock, O.C., C.Q.
Brian Macdonald, C.C., B.A.
Susan Macpherson

Judith Marcuse
Emily Molnar
Gradimir Pankov
Louis Robitaille, O.C.
Mavis Staines, C.M.
Veronica Tennant, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt.
Michael Trent


Helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers since 1985.